ReWork Packaging Services

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ReWork Packaging Services

Contract Packaging

ActionPak, Inc. performs different kinds of re-work and salvage jobs, such as identifying plus rectifying packages of inferior quality, or those with damages due to transportation. There have been many instances wherein, at our facility, we have culled out defective packaging from the customer's load that was shipped from a distance and shifted on the road before reaching us. Rework on the packaging at your customers' place as well, is not a problem for us.

We have extensive experience in initiating a product recall. Whenever required, ActionPak performs test recalls, eliminating defects and costly errors at an earlier stage. Issues such as flaws in the product's conceptual design, improper instructions, manufacturing defects, inadequate documentation, and failure to declare potential or hidden dangers of the product, are handled effectively.

Partial or complete (100%) inspections are performed according to customer's specific requirement. Whether its identifying bad components, missing parts, mixed lot codes, packs with wrong labels, the wrong flavors in a variety pack, or looking for damaged product, whatever your criteria, we can get it done quickly. Every service/product complies with military, government, and commercial standards. A resident government inspector stationed at our facility performs regular inspections.

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Rework Area
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Re-Work, Detail Inspection
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Re-Work Shrink Sleeve Can
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Quarentine Area
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Re-Work , inline labeling & UPC Sticker
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Detailed Magnified Inspection
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ReWork Packaging Services


Commonly Recalled Products Other defects diminishing functionality Inadequate documentation (typically requires just re-shipment of documentation rather than a recall)
Things causing harm or danger
Product Recall Areas Defects in Marketing - Improper instructions or failures to make clear to consumers of potential & hidden dangers in the product Design Defects - Flaws in the item's conceptual design Manufacturing Defects - Specific defects which occur during the manufacture of the product
Eliminate Costly Legal Penalties
Improve or Avoid Damage to Publicity (brand name)
Prevent Costly Errors
Rework Services from Scratch
Bad components
Damaged product
Missing parts
Mixed lot codes
Partial or complete 100% inspections
The wrong flavors in a variety pack
Additional Features $2,000,000 Baileys policy to cover customer goods in possession
24-hr. surveillance
Warehouse Management System
Quality Control
Air Conditioned Food Grade Production Facility Available
Auditing by 3rd Party Agency - American Institute of Baking (AIB) *Rating Superior
Class 10,000 Certified Clean Room Facility
Clean Room Adheres to Fed Std 209 and Mil-B-197 Packaging Requirements
FDA Registered
GMP Complaint
Packaging operations comply with Mil-I-45208 and Mil-Std-9858 Standards
Sampling operations comply with Mil-Std-105 Standards

Additional Information

Candy Bars
Carded Packages
Drug Packaging
Medical Accessories
Phone Cards
Printed Literature
Samples Inserts
Secondary Food
Spare Parts
Test Kits
Wrapping Candy
Industries Served
Chemical Specialties
Commercial Printing
Export Packing
Food & Beverage
Freight Forwarders
Heavy Equipment
Industrial Printing
Experience A major beverage manufacturer mislabeled a product and mistakenly shipped it to us for variety packing and club store distribution. ActionPak's attention to detail recognized the problem, assessed and corrected the situation before the product was distributed. This action prevented a major recall. It is this type of quality work, which affords good business and prevents costly errors. Recently, we reworked on a quarter million gloves for one of our customers The gloves had wrong stickers on them, and we changed the label in the gloves.
Awards Winner of OUTSTANDING SERVICE PROVIDER award from the National Institute of Packaging and Handling Logistic Engineer (NIPHLE) in 2002.
Client List
Bazzini Chocolates
Aldi's Supermarkets
Johnson & Johnson
Paul Cervino Foods
Dentist Preferred, Inc.
Time Warner DVD

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