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Contract Packaging

Our shrink wrapping operations provide tamper-resistant as well as appealing packaging solutions for industrial and consumer product markets. A wide range of products, from simple club store value pack to a complex DVD studio box set, can be packaged in our shrink-wrapping services. We can custom package products in clear or printed poly wraps to meet your specific security or promotional requirements.

With our poly bundling service, manufacturers can cost effectively package products or equipment without changing their tray packs or cases. Large, bulky products such as canned goods and display pallets of beverages can be bundled with poly films. Semi-automatic L bar sealers and high-speed wrappers, with long conveyor in-feeds at our FDA plus GMP compliant facility, allow us to handle short as well as high volume production runs.

Backed by our versatile shrink wrapping equipment and skilled support staff, we produce over 100,000 shrink wraps per day. Our stock of shrink wrapping films in different gauges and widths allow us to reduce lead-time in production. Through continuous investment on new equipment, we constantly update and expand our shrink-wrap packaging capabilities.

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Production Floor
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Shrink Wrapping Line
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Retail Multi-Pack
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Retail Multi-Pack
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Shrink Wrapping


Shrink Wrap Types
Polyolefin Shrink Film
PVC Shrink Films
Benefits Cost Effective
Suitable for packaging heavy, bulky products
Tamper Resistant
Additional Features
$2,000,000 Baileys policy to cover customer goods in possession
24-hr. surveillance
Lower Overall Costs
Professional Packaging Advice & Expertise
Warehouse Management System
Improved Quality & Response Time
Packaging Capacity Over 100,000 shrink wraps per day
Shrink Wrapping Equipment 12 Lines of Different Types of Shrink Wrapping Packaging Equipment
Semi-automatic L Bar Sealers
Several High Speed Wrappers with Long Conveyor In-Feeds
Printing Processes Ink Jetting
Laser Coding
Pressure Sensitive Labeling
Quality Control
Air Conditioned Food Grade Production Facility Available
Auditing by 3rd Party Agency - American Institute of Baking (AIB) *Rating Superior
Class 10,000 Certified Clean Room Facility
Clean Room Adheres to Fed Std 209 and Mil-B-197 Packaging Requirements
FDA Registered
GMP Compliant
Packaging operations comply with Mil-I-45208 and Mil-Std-9858 Standards
Sampling operations comply with Mil-Std-105 Standards

Additional Information

Bonus Packs of Food and Consumer Products
Club Store Value Packs
DVD Studio Box Sets
Rainbow Packs
Industries Served
Chemical Specialties
Commercial Printing
Export Packing
Food & Beverage
Freight Forwarders
Heavy Equipment
Industrial Printing
Awards Winner of OUTSTANDING SERVICE PROVIDER award from the National Institute of Packaging and Handling Logistic Engineer (NIPHLE) in 2002.
Several articles published in "Contract Packaging Magazine".
Client List
Johnson & Johnson
Barricini Chocolates
Dentist Preferred, Inc.
Vitamin Water
Time Warner DVD

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