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Posted at 8:49 pm on November 12, 2021 by ActionPak Inc.

ActionPak is Licensed by the State of Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to Receive , Kit , Store and Ship Alcoholic Products. We’ll help you formulate designs and procure all the packaging components for Wine, Beer and Spirit Multipacks & Holiday Gift Sets.

Check out our video below and visit our wine, beer and spirits page for more information!


At ActionPak, we offer a wide range of liquid filling services for the food and beverage industry.  We offer liquid filling for non-food and industrial products too but these are filled and handled in a separate facility with dedicated equipment.  Not to worry, there is no cross contamination between our food and non food operations.

You have the choice: Whether you sell your product in PET bottles, wide mouth jars, or flexible pouches, ActionPak has the answer. We can handle all sized packages, from small to large volumes, in many different packaging styles.

Let us offer you a full turnkey solution: ActionPak has great experience in sourcing all different types of packaging.  For example, we can supply bottles, jars, labels, tubes, and pouches in many different sizes, colors, and shapes.  If you feel like you are not finding a cost effective or creative solution for your brand, let us help!

For more information, watch our video below and check out our liquid filling food page!