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Stick Pack Filling

Posted at 5:33 pm on October 4, 2022 by ActionPak Inc.

Stick Packs originated in Japan in the ’90s to reduce the carbon footprint of filled plastic bottles & lower transportation costs. It has become widely accepted in the US as a better single-serving solution for dispensing both powders and liquids used in food or non-food applications.

Its handheld size and narrow shape easily pour into bottles and cups compared to the old-styled rectangular sachet. The tube-like shape quickly releases using all the contents without leaving residue.
They are excellent for single-serve applications for portion-controlled products, concentrates, or on-the-go travel. Marketers use it for free brand sampling at trade shows & giveaway advertising promotions.
Action-Pak’s equipment provides flexibility in the sizes offered and can custom-size your stick pack using a sample of your product. Don’t be concerned about high startup printing & material costs. Stick pack film can be digitally printed so that we can accommodate smaller runs at lower costs with a much shorter turnaround time.
Action-Pak offers a wide range of stick-filling capabilities for different liquids and powders. The manufacturing facility has multi-lane equipment to process large orders and provides single-lane equipment to benefit smaller startup runs. Typical products include nutritional supplements, condiments, lotions/creams, etc.

Stick Pack Advantages
• Slim, compact, and easy to open
• Pour sticks to deliver the product with no spillage or residue
• Unique, colorful, and eye-catching handheld servings
• Provide a higher perceived value for marketing vs. a pouch sachet
• Can be sized to pour neatly into a narrow opening, like a water bottle

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Stick Pack Fill Ranges

Typical Fill Ranges:
• 17mm – 55mm wide
• 50mm – 180mm long
• Weight: .1g – 50 grams

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