Tablet and capsule filling

Tablet or Gel Cap Packaging

ActionPak can be your turn-key source for materials and packaging

In the growing industry of supplements and vitamins, ActionPak can be your turn-key source for materials and packaging.  APK has invested in this market with tablet counters, labeling equipment, heat induction sealers, and batch coding equipment.  All of these investments will give you a cost effective solution, even for smaller volume projects!

With APK on your side, all you need to do is source your vitamins, tablets, or gel caps.  We would handle the rest.  Our team would provide your brand with packaging prototypes and mock ups before any order is placed.

Once the bottle size and cap specification is defined, we would move the process along into the bottle decorating portion of the project.  You would have your choice of pressure sensitive wrap around labels, front and back labels, or a full coverage printed shrink sleeve.  APK would provide you with a label template and you would work with your brand team to finalize the artwork.

For tamper evidence, most brands in this industry utilize a heat induction lined cap.  This allows the consumer to open a foil seal when they open the container for the first time.  APK can also apply a clear shrink band to the outside of the bottle.

Once the product is packed, a lot code and expiration date can be printed on each bottle.  We have the capability to print this code on the bottom, side, or top of the container.  This protects your brand in the event of a product recall.

Many types of secondary packaging options are available.  For example, each bottle can be individually packing into a printed folding carton.  If you want counter displays, APK can design, supply, and pack these too!

In addition to the services above, third-party laboratory services are offered as well if you would like your product tested before it hits the market.  At ActionPak, we pride ourselves in handling all aspects of vitamin tablet and capsule filling from design to distribution.