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Product Assembly Kitting & Pack Out

Action-Pak has over 35 years of experience handling a wide array of products and services both Primary and Secondary Assembly & Packaging.

What is the difference between Primary & Secondary Assembly & Packaging?

Primary is the mixing assembly & packaging process’ that comes in direct contact with the actual product. Example : Mixing & then Filling liquids directly from bulk 300 gal Totes into 8 oz Jars .The 8 oz jar is the Primary package.

unwrapped hershey bar
wrapped hershey bar

Secondary is the kitting and over packing of products into master cases & displays a good example of secondary is a variety of different flavored wrapped candy bars that get packed into retail display. The retail display is the Secondary package.

Can Food & Non Food products be packaged in the same facility?

At Action-Pak Food and Non-Food assembly are always kept in separate buildings and rooms. One building handles FDA & Food regulated items while another focus’ on industrial product assembly and pack out. A contract packer who doesn’t follow this rule should be carefully scrutinized? By combining Food and Non Food services there is always a danger of cross contamination. And a brand is to important to risk.

What can we do for you?

Our goal is to become an integral part of your supply chain by providing turnkey solutions .By doing both Primary and Secondary assembly & packaging under one roof a great deal of time and money can be saved.

Every project and product is unique. From the start an account manager will sit and speak to you about your specific needs & concerns. We will offer alternative solutions but ultimately the choice is yours.

We try to always be user friendly and helpful.

We will do as little or as much as you want. Our in house designers can provide both assembly and packaging solutions if needed. You can provide your own components or allow us to provide them for you . In addition, we have the ability to produce high end graphic digital packaging prototypes for sample approvals. In today’s high speed you’ll have an added advantage to make deadlines on time. Being flexible to specific client need always takes precedent at ActionPak.

We offer Supply Chain Solutions!

We do both B2B & B2C fulfillment utilizing EDI with Customized Order Processing.

Talk with us about how we can assemble, package, store and ship your products on time and on budget.

your concept our expertise
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Can you give us some real examples of recent projects?

Food: A new on-line commerce site wanted to sell private labeled Coconut Oil B2C. We worked with their supplier and arranged for several 20 ft sea containers to come directly to our door from the Philippines . We designed and provided two types of packages. One 32 oz jar and another single serve stick pack for sampling.

The product arrived in 300 gallon totes and required Organic certification . Our company is Organic registered and FDA inspected so the product was safe in our care and custody . We did both the Primary & Secondary Packaging . We also palletized and delivered the product to the clients Distribution Center.

One stop shop.

fit bit display

Non-Food: A high end supplier of permanent fixtures designed a complicated in store display for a new product from ”Fit Bit”. The project required over 2,000 displays to be wired up ,assembled and packaged for distribution to Target . Time was running short and they didn’t have the space or resources to make their Spring launch date.

We quickly stepped in and developed a team which included them and formed a plan of Action, by adding a second shift the entire project was completed in half the time.

FDA Assembly and Packaging

ActionPak is also registered with the FDA to do packaging- relabeling and 510K product assembly ;ie. A client was launching a new test kit that consisted of a measuring device to determine a patients level of free radical proteins . The test used an oral saliva swab that needed to be protected in an FDA vapor barrier bag. The kit consisted of 30 wrapped packages along with the electronic device. We provided all the packaging materials , design and assembly under their on site QC inspection. Our team effort succeeded.

medical device assembly

car production line

What’s your next project?

We are capable and flexible. Just because we haven’t done it before doesn’t disturb us. We have had clients place specialized equipment on our floor. We have a talented staff of process and packaging engineers on hand. If you can explain simple explain it to us and then sign off on good written SOP’s we’ll follow your lead & get the job done. If it’s over our head we’ll be truthful, just ask.