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Export Packing & Crating Services

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Export packing has many methodologies. It’s not as easy as you think? We are experts at meeting complex packaging and shipping requirements. Shipping products on time to safely arrive to any part of the world through rugged handling and inclement weather conditions.

Customers seeking to package and ship products to overseas destinations can count on us as a consolidation point, as we have strategic business links with several freight forwarders around the world. We are strategically located close to the East Coast Ports of New York, Newark, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

With over 40 years of professional experience we’ve protected all types of Machines & Parts : from fragile microchips requiring ESD protection to high valued titanium pumps assembled with sensitive electronics.

Export packaging services are also provided for delicate antiques, artwork and very heavy machinery. The world is made up of many different environments that your product will be exposed too. That’s why every export shipment requires special attention and every job is unique.

WE PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS … you’d be surprised at how many questions need answering.

Is it going via Truck , Ocean & /or Air ? Are there any Special markings or Custom Documents required? What type of climate will it exposed too? How will it be unloaded and transported once in a foreign country?

Is it for Immediate Use or Long Term Storage? Will it be ever be stored outside or always under roof? What’s its value and if damaged how hard is it to replace? Do you need XCONUS insurance?


From Boxing a Lockheed Satellite to a Flat Rack full of steel used to build Communication Towers in the Desert; it’s been done. Have you ever Cocooned a Helicopter, we have. Our Rust Preventive Heavy Duty Shrink wrap protects large items that must be stored on Ship Deck.

Our additional expertise in Military Packing & Foreign Sale Consolidation gives us the knowledge to handle any Project.

custom car crate
custom car crate
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Sensitive Shock Mounter Alternative Energy Devices headed for Japan to help provide power after the Tsunami Crises


If the item is too difficult to move, we will do it on your site and arrange for crane assistance. Our staff will assure product safety from transit damage that can occur over long distances and rough handling. We know how to select special stock mounts, corrosive inhibitors, and desiccant, as needed. ActionPak can even send a team to pack Extra Large & hard to move heavy products at your designated location. The heaviest being a 30 Ton ( 60,000 lb ) Stone Crusher we did that was destined for a cement factory in China.

fuji blimp onsite assembly

How about the FUJI Blimp shipping to the Middle East to patrol border Security during the Holy week of Ramadan; not inflated but for the Crews Gondola.

Look at the actual freight departing from a Blimp Hangar at Lakehurst NJ… Yes we went on-site to the same place that the Hindenburg blew up! Boy was it cold that day.

Let ActionPak Handle Your Project Management, Consolidation & Containerization

Solutions including Receiving and Quality Inspection to Kind, Count & Condition for parts & equipment arriving from third party vendors.

Our competency lies in selecting the right preservation & protection methods using the appropriate wrapping, cushioning , kitting , barrier bagging, boxing, & crating materials. Let’s also not forget about Marking.

Be Cautious of NO Bug Rule for Wood Containers Shipping Overseas

no bugs heat treated woodAll the lumber we use is heat treated, if you’re not familiar with international law we’ll get you up to speed. Our Monthly Timber usage is recorded & verified by a third party ISM auditor and prior to shipping, we’ll send you the necessary certification so your freight doesn’t get tied up at the Port.

Are you shipping a hazmat?

Well we don’t handle explosive but we can ship aerosols, batteries, inks, paint, or other items classified dangerous goods for transport by air or ocean is not a problem for us. Complete documentation and pier delivery are part of our customized export packaging services. We stock all types of packaging materials such as short or long-term barriers, foam cushioning materials, and special material handling shock watch labels for crating and containerization projects.

hazardous material

Do you want to pack it yourself?

Designs of custom boxes and crates made from a variety of woods & plywood are available in any quantities ranging from Single Units to high volume runs. All boxes conform to customer specified requirements, including military, DOT, and UN specifications, as required. An assorted range of Mil-spec as well as commercial materials are also available for wrapping, preserving, cushioning, taping, and boxing your products. The types of custom wooden boxes and crates we manufacture are vast and include specialized pallets, reusable containers, foam-lined boxes, corrugated boxes, and re-usable trade show boxes. In addition, pre-tested hazmat containers for the packaging and protection of hazardous goods are also available. Our designs can utilize all types of inserts, including wood, corrugated foam, and molded foam. Custom packing boxes are available in assembled or knocked-down conditions, such as custom designed do-it-yourself (DIY) packing kits, with inserts included. Call us, where hear to listen and solve problems.