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Contract Filling Services

ActionPak proudly offers turnkey industrial contract filling services for applications across a range of fields, namely the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. Customers can select from a number of container styles depending on the consistency of their product, including jars, bottle, tubes, and pouches, as well several different sealing options.

For highly sensitive products, we also offer formulating, blending, and mixing services prior to filling. This can be followed by tamper evident shrink wrapping, date stamping, product identification markers, and pressure sensitive labeling to ensure the safety of the product all the way from our facility to the consumer.

Regardless of whether you need a short run to test a new product or mass production capabilities to produce a best-seller at scale, no order is too big or too small; Our contract filling services use automatic and semi-automatic lines that can handle production volumes of all sizes.

Bag & Pouch Filling

We offer flexible bag and pouch packaging solutions for diverse liquid and powder applications. Unprinted stock pouches are available with an open end for filling and sealing, while the rest are made in line from pre-printed film. Our ActionPak team can also customize your packages with colorful pressure sensitive labels so your product is completely shelf-ready by the time it leaves our facility.

Liquid Filling

Our liquid filling services include both food and non-food products, handled in separate facilities with dedicated equipment to avoid potential cross-contamination. We offer blending services to formulate our customers’ products according to their unique manufacturing instructions before packaging, as well as bottle decoration equipment to label every product. After filling, we use high-speed batch coding equipment to mark each unit with a lot code and expiration date.

Powder Filling

We offer dry food powder filling services for confectionary and nutraceutical industries, as well as powder filling of non-food products such as chemical, automotive, agricultural, and household applications. Similar to liquid filling processes, these operations are handled in separate facilities with separate equipment to avoid cross-contamination. We offer package decoration solutions for our customers including wrap around pressure sensitive labels, cut and stack labels, front and back labels, or shrink sleeve labels to add customer branding to every product.

Stick Pack Filling

Stick pack filling is a greener alternative to standard packaging that produces less waste and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. In fact, our cylindrical, single unit stick packs require 10–40% less packaging material than equivalent rectangular or square pouches for production. Their small size makes them an ideal packaging style for new product introductions and promotions, and we can easily fill them with not only powdered substances, but also liquids and gels.

Vitamin and Tablet Filling

Our facility is equipped with tablet counters, labeling equipment, heat induction sealers, and batch coding equipment to carefully package your vitamins, tablets, and gel caps. We provide mockups and prototypes before any production run, as well as secondary packaging options like cartons to pack individual bottles after they’ve been filled. Finally, we offer third-party laboratory services to test our customers’ capsules before they’re shipped off to market.

Partnering with ActionPak

With a proven track record of reliability and quality since 1979, ActionPak is your turnkey provider for fast, reliable, and on-budget packaging solutions. To learn more about any of our contract filling capabilities, contact us today.