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Contract Filling Services

For the packaging of a variety of liquids and powders, we offer contract filling services that cater to a number of applications, including food & beverages, cosmetics, as well as pharmaceutical products. Products can be filled in a variety of container styles, including bottles, jars, tubes, and pouches according to your specific requirement. Customers can also choose from a number of sealing and closing options offered for product containers, including induction cap sealing. In addition, date stamping as well as product identification markers such as pressure sensitive labels, are also offered by us.

Our tamper evident shrink wrapping ensures safety of the product until it reaches the consumer. Products are also blended, mixed, and formulated in compliance with customer specifications, prior to filling in containers. Besides packaging liquids as well as powders, some of the other products that we package, include tablets and other solids. As filling services are performed on automatic and semi-automatic lines, we are able to handle both small and high volume production runs.