Powder Filling – non food

At ActionPak, we offer a wide range powder filling services for many industries.

For example, we service the chemical industry, automotive, agricultural, household good brands, and many more.

We also offer powder filling for food products but these are filled and handled in a separate facility with dedicated equipment.  Not to worry, there is no cross contamination between our food and non food operations.

You have the choice: Whether you sell your product in wide mouth jars, bottles, stand up pouches, flat pouches, pillow pouches, stick packs, or other containers, ActionPak can satisfy your needs. We can handle all sized packages, from small to large volumes, in many different packaging styles.

During the filling and packaging process for jars and bottles, you can choose from many container decorating options.  We have invested in bottle decoration equipment for wrap around pressure sensitive labels, cut and stack labels, front and back labels, or shrink sleeve labels.  When it comes to printed film or pouches, we offer only the highest quality printed materials.  Offering these options gives you the flexibility to change label or pouch formats at any point without disrupting your entire supply chain.  Sometimes a label or film change is all your brand needs to be rejuvenated!

You can also choose from a number of sealing and closing options to satisfy your tamper evident requirements when filling into containers.  Tamper evident shrink wrapping ensures safety of the product until it reaches the consumer.  Whether you select applying a clear shrink band to the top of each unit or a heat induction lined cap to the bottle, ActionPak can satisfy your food safety needs.  When it comes to stand up pouches, stick packs, or pillow pouches our integrated heat sealing equipment is constantly tested for approved seals.

On the regulatory side, we utilize high speed batch coding equipment to mark each unit with a lot code and expiration date.  Third-party laboratory services are offered as well if you would like your product tested before it hits the market.  At ActionPak, we pride ourselves in handling all aspects of powder filling from design to distribution.

Powder Filling Services for:

  • Detergents, Cleaners, Non-Hazmat Chemicals, Personal Care, Oils, Paints, Dyes, Agricultural products, salts, etc.

Packaging Types:

  • Bottles, Jars, Tubes, Vertical Pouch with Fin Seal, Vertical 4 sided seal, Pre-made pouches with zippers, Gusseted Pouches, Pillow pouches, and sachets.