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What is the Difference Between a Pouch and a Bag?

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Vertical Form Fill Seal

Well technically really nothing except size. They are both forms of flexible packaging & used by every industry & retailer. Most people refer to smaller bags as pouches and larger pouches as bags. It doesn’t matter if it’s a liquid or a powder. It’s that simple.

Ultimately they come in the same types and styles but depending on the size and material will require different equipment and tooling. Common stock pouches & bags come premade with one end open for filling, these are usually unprinted. The rest are made in line using one or two rolls of preprinted film suited for form, fill & seal machinery.

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Staying up to date is important in the contract packaging business. One of the fastest growing packaging trends has been the birth and popularity of the stand-up pouch. At ActionPak, we have invested in the technology to process and fill these pouches. With dedicated non-food and food facilities, we can process just about any type of product into a stand-up pouch.

We also have the ability to handle a large array of filling weights and volumes into these pouches. For example, we could process a 1 pound bag of sugar into a stand up pouch in one facility, and a 3 pound bag of laundry detergent in another facility. In a stand up pouch, the opportunities are endless. Most of the time, you find dry, powder, or granular type products in stand-up pouches. For example, food: pet products, sugar, flour, nuts, salts, granolas, snacks, candy, etc. Non-food: detergents, chemicals, salts, agricultural products, automotive, etc.

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Vertical form fill seal machine

vertically sealed bags and pouches

We utilize high speed batch coding equipment to mark each unit with a lot code and expiration date. On a QC level, packages are checked periodically for consistent and strong seals. Third-party laboratory services are offered as well if you would like your product tested before it hits the market. Let us offer you a turn-key solution. We offer aggressive sourcing for printed stand-up pouches to utilize on our stand-up pouching equipment.