Shrink wrapping line

Shrink Wrapping Services

Our shrink wrapping operations provide tamper-resistant as well as an appealing packaging solution for industrial and consumer products.  We can accommodate a large range of products and package sizes on our multiple shrink wrap lines.

shrink wrapping machine

paper shrink wrapped

At APK we utilize semi-automatic L-bar sealers and continuous motion high-speed wrappers.  With long conveyor in-feeds, we can handle short as well as high volume production runs for an efficient cost.

Our shrink film provides a crystal clear, high quality looking package.  Our heat tunnels can be dialed in to provide a perfect seal and consistent shrink.

Backed by our versatile shrink wrapping equipment and skilled support staff, we can produce over 100,000 shrink wraps per day. Our stock of shrink wrapping films in different gauges and widths allow us to reduce lead-time in production. Through continuous investment on new equipment, we constantly update and expand our shrink-wrap packaging capabilities.

close up of shrink wrapped item
shrink wrapped items