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ReLabeling Services & Packaging ReWork Services

ActionPak performs different kinds of re-work and salvage jobs.

ActionPak performs different kinds of re-work and salvage jobs, such as identifying and rectifying packages of inferior quality, or those with damages due to transportation. There have been many instances at our facility, where we have culled out defective products from a customer’s load that was shipped from a distance and shifted in transit before reaching us.

Partial or 100% inspections are performed according to your specific requirements. Whether its identifying bad components, missing parts, mixed lot codes, packs with wrong labels, wrong flavors in a variety pack, or looking for damaged product, whatever your criteria is, we can get it done quickly and cost effectively.

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We have extensive experience in initiating a product recall. Whenever required, ActionPak performs test recalls, eliminating defects and costly errors at an earlier stage. Issues such as flaws in the product’s conceptual design, improper instructions, manufacturing defects, inadequate documentation, and failure to declare potential or hidden dangers of the product, are handled effectively.

Whether you need a new UPC label or your shipment inspected for leaking product, APK can service your re-work project needs.

Re-Label Case Study

Fuze Beverage, owned by The Coca-Cola Company, found itself stuck with more than one million 12-oz. cans of its carbonated NOS brand energy drink in storage. The product, valued above $2 million and targeted as “fuel” to NASCAR race fans, couldn’t be sold as-is because it was out of compliance with updated nutritional labeling regulations.

ActionPak recommended a print-registered flexo-printed shrink sleeve. Applied properly, it would completely cover up the information in question, and in a manner that would bear a very comparable graphic appearance and texture to a normal decorated aluminum can.

Delivering more than a cover-up solution, ActionPak made another suggestion designed to increase the product’s appeal to its target audience, while also giving subtle rationale to the rather unconventional use of a shrink sleeve label for the NOS cans. “Knowing that NASCAR followers were an important target audience for this brand, we suggested positioning the product as a ‘Special Premium Edition,’” Smith explains. “By coincidence, the spokesperson for the brand, race car driver Kyle Bush, was having an amazing season. As a result, our client readily welcomed our suggestion to designate the package as a limited edition version featuring Kyle Bush.”

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