A Guide to Powder Filling

Why do we require so much information to quote your powder filling job?

In order to accurately quote your powder filling job we need to know more about your powders.  Powders, like snowflakes have unique & different characteristics.  The following pictorial covers the 7 common properties of powder.  Please use the pictorial as a guide as you answer the questions found below.

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Are particles consistent in size or irregular? How dusty is it when you pour it out? Please describe:
Is it very thick and heavy or light and fluffy? Please describe:
There’s a simple way to know : fill a cup and stick your finger in it and examine it when you remove your finger. If it’s free flowing the powder will quickly fill the hole. If it’s non-free flowing then your finger hole will remain.
On a warm summer day will it absorb moisture from the air & start to clump? If the cap was left off all night, would it still feel dry & look the same in the morning ? How dry do we need to keep it? How moisture sensitive is it?
When you pour it into a liquid with other products does is it dissolve & stay in solution? OR if you came back the next morning would you find it separated & it all settled to the bottom? This is critical if we’re mixing .
Are the particles shaped like grains of sand, tiny pebbles, or more sized like un-popped popcorn?
When you add it to a liquid does it easily spread on its own or does it need stirring?
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    We can estimate a price based on your answers but if you want a QUALIFIED PROPOSAL, you must send us samples to test.

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