12 pack of water bottles getting poly bundled

Poly Bundling

  • This method provides a low cost solution for assembling variety and single Sku retail display multi-packs.
  • Poly Bundling is used to assemble consistently sized items into unsupported or supported value packs using either clear or colorful print registered film. Printed film requires plates and artwork.
  • Overwrap trays of beverage cans or jars to create discount packs with club store appeal
  • All bundles have openings at each end called “bulls eyes” due to their oval shape (they are not handles although often used as such
  • What’s the difference between an unsupported vs a supported shrink bundle?
    • Unsupported Packs: With this style the product sits directly on the film , such as retail Four & Six Pack.
    • Supported Packs: These use additional pads or trays to prevent stacking damage or for heavier Club case loads.