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Display Assembly Services

Permanent & Non-Permanent

The display industry is very large and means different things to different people.

At ActionPak, we understand the nuances of the display industry and have been servicing this industry many years.

Displays come in all shapes, materials, and sizes.  Some are considered permanents displays that could be displayed in a store for years, and some can be made out of cardboard that might only be in a store for a week.  Fortunately, APK has experience doing both types of assembly.

For example, permanent displays can be made out of many different types of materials including metals, electronics, and printed materials.  These displays tend to be much more complicated to put together.  Our staff is experienced with using many different tools needed to complete these displays.  When monitors and speakers are utilized, it is very important that each display is tested before it is packed and shipped.  APK has implemented a very rigorous QC process for these displays to make sure that there are no issues once the displays arrive to the end customer.  Each feature of the display would be tested to ensure that all electronics were installed correctly.

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On the other side of the spectrum is corrugated display assembly.  These are typically less complicated, but we take the same measures to ensure that the finished product arrives to the retailer safe and accurately packed.  Flat corrugated components would be received to us on pallets.  The products going into the displays are either received on pallets or floor loaded containers.  The corrugated displays would be assembled and the products would be packed into the displays based on the customer’s planogram.  Each display would be secured with a corrugated shroud, strapping, cornerboards, or stretch wrap to ensure it travels safely through the supply chain.  When the retailer receives the display, all they need to do is unpack the unit and place it on their floor.

APK can also offer a turn-key display option.  Let us design, produce, and pack your display.  Keeping the project under one roof can save you time and money in managing your display projects.