Club & Multi Packaging

At ActionPak, we offer many years of expertise in club store or multi-pack packaging.

Whether you are supplying a retailer with a point of purchase (POP) pallet display or a variety pack carton, APK has the experience you need to fulfill your orders accurately and efficiently.

We offer variety and club store packaging for beverages with our printed poly bundling services.  At ActionPak, our poly bundling shrink wrapping operations are state of the art.  With multiple bundling lines installed handling printed film, we can handle large or small volume projects.

vitamin water multi pack

bai multi variety pack

For snacks or other products, we can variety pack into litho laminated cartons, trays with shrink wrap, large poly bags, or any other style that is required.  We are also very experienced with packing these finished variety packs into club store trays.  These club store trays are then stacked onto pallets so the consumer can purchase these products directly off the pallet at the big box club stores.  If you walk into a BJ’s or Costco, you will see most items are sold in a club store tray.

On the regulatory and QC side, we apply a lot or date code to each finished unit.  In the event of a product recall, we can tell you what lot codes shipped to each destination.  This food safety practice helps limit your exposure if there was ever a problem with your product.  APK conducts mock recalls yearly to make sure we provide this information in a fashion that minimizes your brands risk.

We have worked with these retailers for over 20 years so we know what is expected.  Let us offer you a turn-key solution.  We can design and source your club store pallet displays, trays, cartons, or shrink bundling film.  With our network of suppliers and proven record, we know that we can offer a cost effective solution to satisfy your club store packaging needs.

candy variety pack