Private Labeling

Private Label Packaging

With our design, packaging and labeling skills we can provide a turn key solution!

Today many national brands, importers and retailers are turning to private label packaging as way to increase market share. These products are often positioned as lower cost alternatives providing consumers with more bang for their buck. Recently private label brands have also been presented as “premium” products to compete not just on price but also quality. Retailers have extended the concept of private labeling to store brands to build identity and consumer loyalties. Discount retailers like Aldi fill their entire shelves with quality products that mimic well known labels.

Packaging plays a key role in this space. Just by changing the look and style of a package or label you can create a higher perceived value.

Today many new brands are launched using colorful cartons that use litho lamination. These cartons add a few pennies but if you are looking to stand out from the crowd the return on investment is worthwhile. Another recent value added feature is shrink sleeve labeling. These brightly colored sleeves provide full coverage to your bottle or jar giving your marketers more space for your message.

Private Label rebrand

Our services can be used for many types of products, Food, Beverages, OTC, Supplements, Medical Devices, Household & Industrial Products

National Brands

Usually run high speed lines. Switching over to run smaller orders with specialized packaging is costly and burdensome. Instead, send us your product in bulk (super sacks or totes) and we’ll mix, fill and distribute it all from our location directly to your customers.

54inch digital die cut printer

We can print samples in house upon request


Who are trying to enter a niche need American packaging that is written in English and marked in accordance with FDA regulations. We can help you develop the right package from art approval to floor display execution. We’ll work directly with your freight forwarders to arrange delivery of your sea containers to our door. Example: We currently receive 20 ft containers filled with 15 tons of Organic Coconut Oil. It comes from the far east to us in 300 gallon totes. The bulk is converted into 32 oz jars that we fill & provide all the packaging components, it’s a one stop shop.


Have discovered that selling in store private labeled brands can earn higher gross margins and build customer allegiance. New online products or experienced sites are developing and using unique packages to differentiate themselves. E commerce requires more robust product protection, just look at the Amazon packaging requirements. We can walk you through the process and help you design & launch your own private label