Packaging design, sourcing and assembly

Packaging Design, Sourcing, Assembly

At ActionPak, we provide much more than just Contract Packaging services.

new Amsterdam sample bottle multipack

Our trusted staff, built up for over 30 years, makes packaging design and sourcing one of our core strengths. When you have a new product launch, packaging change, or packaging re-order, let ActionPak provide you with many solutions at multiple price points.

For example, one of our customers had a new product they decided to sell into retail. They were looking to pack 8 mini bottles into a printed carrier for a summer promotion. They heavily relied on ActionPak to get this new product designed, sourced, and assembled in a very short amount of time. This is what separates us from the rest.

ActionPak can also help YOU from start to finish!

We will size and create the die-line for your folding carton, label, litho boxes, film, bottles and more. As the customer, you will receive prototypes to approve the size and concept of the printed material you need. Once that is approved, an art file would be sent to your designer to insert the graphics. At the same time, we would follow the same process for any other packaging material you need designed and sourced.

Before anything is printed, you will receive color proofs to confirm everything is just the way you expect! Once you sign off on the final proof, material production begins.

At this point, since art is approved, we can even supply you with printed mock ups for your sales meetings, just ask!

After a few weeks of material production, your packaging components are ready for use. Your logistics department will make plans to send us your bulk product for packaging. Once everything is received, we will create work order instructions and begin the assembly process. While this is happening, we invite you down to check out our process! Our trained QC staff knows exactly what to look for to make sure your product appears perfect on the store shelves.

After a few more days of assembly production, we will have the first few truck loads ready to ship to your customers across the country.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Litho laminated corrugated boxes and displays
  • Direct printed corrugated boxes and displays
  • Printed folding cartons
  • Printed bags or stand up pouches
  • Clear or foil bags and stand up pouches
  • Pressure sensitive labels
  • Printed shrink sleeves
dieline and render of finished product

The advantage of ActionPak is that we take control of your design and sourcing process to allow you to worry about more important things, growing sales! Contact us today so we can get involved with your new or ongoing projects!

54inch inkjet printer

How Were We Able to React So Quickly?

In house we have the ability to create prototypes on our 54“ Digital Laser Color Printer. It can handle paper, film & chipboard. Within minutes of receiving an art file we can create color printed & die cut samples for your approval.

Let us be your resource and solution. We’ll do as much or as little as you like to get the job done.