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Fulfillment Services

ActionPak provides fulfillment services at competitive rates. Our focus is to provide a One Stop Shop Solution for all our clients. This reduces your freight costs and provides for faster delivery .This translates into better service and lower costs.

The fulfillment process is what happens in a company when an order for a product is received-the “fulfillment” of the order. This includes warehousing, finding the item ordered, packaging it, and shipping it to the right address. We handle Full Truck Pallet Loads, LTL, and E Commerce Parcels.

Order fulfillment is defined as the steps involved in receiving, processing and delivering orders to end customers. A fulfillment service is defined as a third-party company that provides these order fulfillment steps on behalf of another party, such as an online seller.

Order fulfillment software automates the time-consuming tasks of warehouse and inventory management, order picking and processing, and shipping and tracking. People make mistakes, and while no software is perfect, it is generally more accurate than manual processes.

The fulfillment fee is charged to help contribute towards other operational costs and overheads associated with ticket fulfillment e.g. ticket stock administration and inventory control, ticket stock/stationery, collection facilities and postage and/or packaging costs if it applies to the event.

My Velocity360

Case Study: Wal-mart Wednesday

We have a Chinese client that ships thousands of OTC Oximeters’ to Wal-Mart pharmacies each week. It’s considered a non regulated 510 K medical device and each week we have Wal-Mart Wednesday.

At 2 am, through EDI both our client in China and us receive PO’s simultaneously to provide product to over 150 shipping points. Each release has a unique PO and Tracking Number and would be impossible to ship next day without the proper software and system in place. At ActionPak we have developed Velocity360. It’s a custom program that we’ve developed over years of experience. Let us share it with you too!