Various shelf ready stand up pouches and bags

Shelf Ready Stand Up Pouches & Bags

In the context of packaging, smaller bags are typically referred to as pouches, while larger ones are known as bags. Stand up pouches and bags have become major players in the packaging industry due to the convenience and increased efficiency that they offer. Shelf-ready stand up packaging comes in a variety of sizes and are capable of holding any number of dry, liquid, and powder materials, making them ideal for both food and non-food items.

ActionPak offers a range of stand up pouches and bags to meet the needs of an array of applications. Our superior packaging solutions enhance your product while improving efficiency throughout your packaging process.

About Stand Up Pouch Packaging

Stand up pouches and bags are called such because they have the ability to stand up on their own by design. Stand up bags feature a strong bottom gusset that creates a base to hold up the product.

Stand up pouches and bags are available in a variety of volume capabilities and filling weights. Functional enhancements can be incorporated into the packaging based on the needs of the application, including re-sealable zippers, tear notches, hang holes, and degassing valves.

For operations seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, stand up packaging is typically better for the environment than more traditional packaging. When compared to bag-in-box, cans, and cartons, stand up pouches and bags use as much as 75 percent less packaging material.

In addition, stand up pouches and bags can be created using various combinations of protective coatings and barrier films. No matter what type of product you’re packaging, solutions already exist to meet the needs of your specific application. Clear, metallic, or paper materials are often used in the construction of these bags and pouches.

Industries Using Stand Up Pouches and Bags

Stand up pouch packaging has infiltrated numerous industries. In stores of all kinds, you’ll see stand up pouches and bags containing a variety of food and non-food items.

Stand up pouches and bags are used for:

  • Bulk food items, such as nuts, candy, snacks, and powdered ingredients (such as sugar and flour)
  • Pet food, including dry foods, wet foods, and treats
  • Laundry detergents—particularly for powdered detergents or pods
  • Chemical packaging
  • Agricultural products
  • Automotive products

Shelf Ready Stand-Up Pouches

Benefits of Stand Up Pouch Packaging

The use of stand up pouch packaging delivers convenience to the end user, as well as many benefits for product manufacturers. These advantages include:

  • Minimal storage space requirements and fresher products for end user
  • Ease of display and viewing
  • Wide-view surfaces offer more space for branding and graphics display
  • Wide variety of color options and finishes available, including clear-view windows that allow consumers to view product
  • Customizable label and valve placement
  • High batch coding equipment marks each pouch or bag with product’s lot code and expiration date
  • Quality control checks ensure strong, reliable seals
  • Third-party laboratory testing available for quality assurance

Stand Up Pouches and Bags From ActionPak

ActionPak’s offers stand up packaging services suitable for packaging a comprehensive range of both food and non-food products. With the ability to handle various volumes and weights, we can meet the specific packaging needs for any product. Stand up pouches and bags enhance packaging for a variety of products, while improving the efficiency of the packaging process and reducing waste.

Elevate your product and cut packaging costs with our stand up pouch packaging services. To see how our stand up pouches and bags can benefit your customers and improve your packaging operation, request a quote today.

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