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Advantages Of Spouted Pouches

Posted at 9:20 pm on February 28, 2023 by ActionPak Inc.

Historically, bottles have been the usual go-to packaging option when dealing with liquid products. But with many companies looking for more economical options and cost savings, the spouted pouch has proven to be a versatile and reliable alternative.

It comes down to three main factors when comparing the two options: manufacturing, transportation, and environmental impacts.

Comparison chart with variables for consideration when choosing different packaging options.


Spouted pouches are often made fully printed with vibrant colors and varnishes. Accessing product from these containers is easy. They have no limitations in shapes and eye-catching designs. Overall there is 50% less energy used in their production, which lowers the costs for the manufacturer. Spouted pouches commonly come with a cap with built-in tamper evidence, whereas bottle caps typically require an induction seal or shrink band, which adds a step to the production process. Items commonly seen in these types of pouches are things like cleaning products, personal care products,


The most critical component of transportation costs is how many items can fit onto a single truck. From this standpoint, spouted pouches are noticeably efficient because of the flexibility of their form. These pouches occupy significantly less space than rigid containers because they can be stacked in cases by the thousands. This means fewer trucks are required to transport larger packaging volumes, which provides an economic advantage.

Environmental Impacts:

Sustainability is a key focus for businesses now more than ever. On average spouted pouches use up to 60% less plastic compared to rigid plastic bottles, which have been targeted by environmental campaigns around the world. Because less material is used in the production process, these pouches produce less landfill.

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