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Contract Packaging – So, How Much Will It Cost?

Posted at 7:11 pm on November 29, 2022 by ActionPak Inc.

When a consumer opens a bag, they never give thought to the complexity of how it was handled, filled, and sealed. Why should they? We all expect a perfect package.


But once you go from being a consumer to a buyer of contract packaging, you’ll need to learn what questions you should be asking before hiring anyone.

We get hundreds of calls from buyers asking, “So How Much Will It Cost?”

If that’s all you’re interested in, ActionPak can quickly give you a “ballpark number, but we’ll still need you to answer some basic questions. We will take the time to coach you through the process, or if you are experienced, we’ll immediately dive into the details.

First, what is the product, and what are its characteristics? Is it a solid, i.e., potato chips, a powder (like a protein mix), or a liquid like honey? Newcomers often think that all solids flow like sugar and liquids like water. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Like your fingerprint, every product has unique characteristics that involve structure, chemistry, and physics. To choose the right material and container, we’ll need your help and usually ask for samples to test & properly price a project.

Solids & Powders come in five basic types:

  • Granular, like table salt that flows easily
  • Consistent in size and shape, like sprinkles, that move easily without vibration.
  • Inconsistent in Shape and Fragile, like potato chips. These require special attention & often vibratory feeders.
  • Fluffy, messy to the touch, and smelly, i.e., soap powders.
  • Dusty with Fine Airborne Particles, like talcum powder.

Liquids require even more detailed information:

  • How thick is it (viscosity)? Will it flow like water or honey?
  • What’s the chemical makeup or formulation?
  • Do you need us to mix, or will you supply the bulk or concentrate in totes?
  • Is it safe to handle, or will it spoil quickly?
  • What materials can we use? Some liquids, over time, can eat away at a container creating leakers and angry consumers long after it’s packed.

Then there are basic questions:

  1. Is it a Food or Non-Food Product? ActionPak has separate buildings to handle each type; there will be no cross-contamination.
  2. Does it need to be in an environment that controls temperature and humidity? ActionPak has eight clean rooms to accommodate different needs.
  3. Is it hygroscopic, and/or how quickly will it spoil if left in an open container? We’ll take the proper steps to protect the product throughout the entire process
  4. How will you be sending the product to us? 25 – 50 lb. bags, boxes, drums, totes, or even Super sacks. We can easily handle them all.
  5. What is the shelf life after it’s packaged, and do you require batch and Best by Date marking? ActionPak has in-line date ink jet coding and labeling on every line.
  6. Do you want us to ship directly to the retailer or your distribution centers? Our Logistics team ships directly to Big Box Stores like Costco, Retailers like CVS, Amazon, and Online Consumers
  7. What type of package will best suit your needs? This is determined by many factors depending on your client’s needs & quantity. ActionPak will help you select & even provide a Turnkey Solution.



Who Am I Giving My Baby To?
The baby is your brand & livelihood. You wouldn’t just hand over your child to the cheapest daycare center. You need to check them out. If the vendor doesn’t respond quickly, chances are they’re not going to be responsive when you need a shipment expedited. Check the vendor’s experience and qualifications. ActionPak has been in business for over 40 years. We meet FDA, SQF, USDA Organic, and Kosher third-party compliance requirements.

Every day we do our best to be responsive and honest. Our brand new 175,000 sq ft food grade & solar powered facility recently opened in the heart of Camden, NJ. We’re part of the “NJ GROWS” project to provide jobs and training to inner-city residents. So, when you give us an order, you’re also helping many underprivileged folks find their way up the ladder.

Environmental Controlled Production Safety

So, the next time you’re shopping for contract packaging services, just don’t ask, “So, what’s the price?” 
Look for a company like ActionPak. We will ask the right questions and be committed to your long-term success.

Our success is a direct result of being innovative and cost-effective.